I've waited for freedom from kids all my life
I've waited for peace, cleanliness, less strife
I've waited for naughty nighties and nudity
I've waited for a kind man as you to love me

I've waited since 12 to get some care back
To heal the child in me that was attacked
By incest, neglect, alcoholism, poverty
I've wanted the wealth of spirit romantic love gives me

I've waited for a man whose kids are grown
To spend his best times with me at home alone
I've waited for travel if he wants to go
So long, I've longed for bonding with one I love so

I've waited for creativity that flows in my mind
I've needed to sleep with a man all the time
My freedom I deserve, I've worked to be there
Where daddy and me have freedom from care

Not that our children don't stay in our heart
As parents their lives we'll still be a part
Of birthdays, holidays, all their concern
And then they go home where they have to learn
How to take care of themselves and make their mistakes
To live away from mom and dad with whatever it takes

Because the freedom I've wanted all my life
I see in your eyes when I act like your wife
The freedom of quiet, rest touch, and routine
Because without these things life just seems too mean

My freedom is not a lot to ask God for
As I'm older, I'm tired, I want less not more
Less of anyone coming in at 3 a.m.
Less boys here to party with him  

Less messes, less of his attitude
Less of my fighting with him when he's rude
More of you, less of me
I've worked, I've paid, for my freedom to be free

Freedom is going to bed at 9 'o clock
Freedom is sitting on our couch with what will rock
The passion that flows for Micheal here in this being
Freedom to live with the love that I'm seeing

Freedom to me is the chains of our love
Which I feel I've been blessed with by all that's above
The freedom to tease you, please you, give you hours alone
So you miss me, want to kiss me, when I come back home

My love as I write this and true to you stay
Soon I know you will show me freedom someday
To give you a bath, to worship you, then smile
To dry you off, comb your hair, go to bed for awhile

To get up again for a brand new day
To live for one man to take my freedom away
From a small part of me that's called motherhood
To a big part of you, I see freedom and it's all good!

9/30/2004 0711 cj

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