Private Property

Sipping some coffee on a cold summers day,
with the sun lite showing a disgusting
oil like substance, that resides
It resides in you,
Filling up, is all thats required to make ya go
While you, feel it ain't right
you know its how it goes
and the dogs that sniff outside your home,
for the dead mans body,
who'd wondered off, all alone
They said he was running, to find something
he couldn't quite see
It was played to him in glimpses,
some f--ked up dream
With his attachments detached,
and his Lovers love hate
Gave all he had,
Left in a clenched hand of fate,
So he wondered off, seeking the signs
connecting the dots,
changing his mind
and ya peered out the alley,
to see him stroll by,
asked him for money,
asking the time
Saying hes a scattered seductress
his gypsy bag,
his coked out eyes
and ya didn't want no one here
no one ya couldn't use,
ya fixed him real good,
ate out his soul

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