God blessed me and I cherish that she
Is my fair friend
She sees who does the work
And who's willing to bend

She feeds my self esteem
Can fill my cup until I beam
I'd do what ever I can
Because she'll listen and understand

Because about work I don't have to cry
Rushing and rushing to help people die
"Just give me a pill or give me a shot
I am old and ill in this body I'm caught"

"There's a better place
That I want so"
The tears ran down our face
They'd quit eating to go

Here there's not 2 IV's on separate halls
A trach to clean and doctors' calls
I don't have to write an order for a band-aide
There's no decubs the client's have it made

So do the staff
As I can attest to
They gripe, I laugh
How could any of them scream at you?

You are so fair
A human at heart
You know I care
To do my part

Because you're up front
You cause me little strife
You're not a lying runt
Smiling as you put in my back a knife

So when they're mean to you
Remember what I say
Try not to be blue
If yelling comes your way

Emotions can run strong
You've been here through thick and thin
So if I think you're wrong
I won't try to cause you pain, my boss and friend.

5/5/2005 1010 cj

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