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White Paper=5/12/05

When do we burn the Books?

We have spent billions of tax payer's dollars in Iraq and the loss of
approximately over 3000 military personnel for reasons of right or wrong.
Resulting in instability, mayhem, and the installation of a weak,
indecisive government. Insurgence?  No! It no longer can be called an
insurgency! It's an obvious civil war between Saddam's followers and
Muslim extremist from outside of the country against Iraq's people.
At the same time here on the home front fear runs rampant in our large
cities of possible terrorist attacks. The economy is not as bright as
some would have you think. The infrastructure of this country is in
disarray. The oil problem grows daily.  The North Korean's are rattling
their swords, and Osama bin Laden is nowhere to be found!
The Chinese threat looms in the distant future. The Southern border
of our Country is wide open, our immigration laws have become a joke.  
Our education system is one of the worst in the civilized world.
Crimes against our person, especially our young children is on the rise.
We are losing freedoms daily in the name of homeland security.And now they
tell us we will soon be required by law to carry a Government issued I.D.
card or forfeit more freedoms. (You won't be able to open a bank account,
get a driver's license, enter a Government Building and etc. without the
new Government issued I.D. card.)

How long before we start burning the books?

Wake up Toto this isn't Kansas!

Freedom isn't free!

Write, call or e-mail your congressman and let him know your concerns.

Jackie R. Kays
S/Sgt.    USAF (Med. Retired)
Korean and Vietnam Vet.

White Paper=5/12/05



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