Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Hey you

Hey you,
          Running with your hair
“Messied” in your face
And slits on your wrists,
Scars on your arms.

Still running,
Who is it from this time?
Mom or dad?
a vengeful lover?
The cops?

Or are you running towards
A goal?
A dream?
Another botched
          Suicide attempt?
Or some
          Other death?

Or am I the one who's running,
          And I passed you by
And got
          All up in a daze
Regarding misdirection? No?

Hey you,
          Don't run away too fast.
Don't trip and fall
          Into an early grave.
Don't get too far away
From your past,
I think it will
          Catch up with you.
Something will catch up,
          Be it drug abuse,
Age, police,
The weariness of life.

Don't fall too far
          So that my
Helping hand
Comes up short while
          Trying to grasp onto you.

Don't fall.
Just, don't fall.

Don't flail
When your much wanted
          Comes to you.
Be gentle.

Hey you,
          Picking out plots
In the cemetery.
Lying down in the dirt,
          Drinking the rain.
Lacking the drive to
          The dirt from being piled upon you.

Hey you,
          Be careful.
That's an empty grave you're lying in.
Don't let them bury you. Don't.

Hey you.


May 3, 2005

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