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Another Fear Hanging Over Me?

A swollen chest,
Grey eyes have died,
A discoloured tongue,
A hosepipe tied,
A body limp,
A vacant mind,
A black face,
To hide behind,
Defeat of a struggle,
Two feet from the ground,
The right hand empty...
That's how you were found.

I see this,
I feel this,
I breathe this,
I hate this...

A phobia not a fear,
Of seeing you there,
No matter who it is,
It will always be you in my stare,
Visions of your fight with death,
In the ring alone,
Scenes of your escape,
As I sit beside your headstone,
I panic at the thought of seeing it again,
I am suffercating,
And everytime I realised you died,
All I see is you...HANGING!

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