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I see now x


Don't Care!!!!!!!!

Let Me....

My immortal blood

Again and Again!

3 Years Ago...

For those who love me

All for You

Five Vs Two

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Green Eyes

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Silver Tears

Dear Diary.....

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Another Fear Hanging Over Me?

The Strength of Child

The emotion of ANGER

Lie with Me

Dark Waters


Magic Kiss for My Babies

Our Front Door

You closed your eyes

Repeated Essay

Another day closer!

What did I do?

Your Anniversary


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Dear Diary.....

A nightmare, A dream,
Or maybe a preminission,
Another of my fantasies,
Or my imagination?

Confused yet clear as glass,
I see it in every detail,
The last breath exhausted,
Will I fail?

A congregation of faces,
A blur but white,
My weeping children,
Breaking the silence of the night,
An oblong white box,
Edged in gold,
The words of my torture,
Are now being told,
The seeping guilt,
The outbreak of pain,
The replemishing anger,
Seeking it's fame,
The conversations of comfort and sympathy,
Through voices unheard,
My orphans hurt,
As the flowers are cleared,
The conclusion to existence,
The wild earth untamed,
There it is....Standing proud!
The stone that reads my name! xxx

Tara Bennett

Dear Diary.....



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