A Synthetic Soul

My Flame

Just let go, Just like before.
Walking a fine line but just once more.
Here's a taste of happiness I hope that you enjoy.

So fragile, Here Today Tomorrow has gone so fast
With a blink The memory is all you have.
Like you moving on charing where I've been,

Sharing little light a flame still burns within.
Though never falling because I never stand,
So small slipping and hardly noticed right until the very end.

The touch you leave on my skin will last and never fade,
One thing in my life that will forever stay the same.
A cold release, a new like never before,
Doesn't leave the scars outside anymore.

What I've known all my life changes right before my very eyes,
and even more when I blink...
Blind though I still see, not controlling the involuntary.
Sometimes no sense in trying to reason,
Only you know all the secrets you keep.

Breathing deep, holding for a while and then slowly letting go,
So far this life was real, Here's to this moment.
My Captured flame burning out of fuel,
Your life was short but beautiful.

Even in weakness, I cannot hold you..
Though now only a flicker of flame.
My flame burning those around me
protect me from the cold.
Until the bitter end when there's only ash and smoke.

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