Blue Baby

And I say it, Baby blue,
Ima only think of you
with those dandy things ya ware,
little beads ya got in your hair
Said little baby blue
so in love with you
Ya met me in the park,
don't make me even start,
and I don't wanna be with you
ya kicked me in the head
I thought we was so true,
but your madness crossed my heart
so now it brings such pain
I only seem to cough it out
with that silly s--t you do,
slicing my wrists, rip me to parts
Oh little baby blue
ya had me from the start,
with the diamonds in your ears,
and the daggers from your heart
Took my love and gave away
try to open to see today
but, my baby blue
killed me from the start
with blood that paints my face
I'm a board with lots of darts
Oh little baby blue,
dig the ground and send me through

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