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Curryculum Vytae

Y'm a servant of the Unyverse
My rank ys Junyor Mynder.
Y care for the solar system
As yts oyler and wynder.
Everythyng ys done
To a very stryct rota,
Checkyng every cog
And cleanyng every motor.
The star has yts thermostat
Rygydly checked and set
Yts fuel delyvery schedule
Very rygorously met.
Each planet has yts key
Kept on yts own ryng
So I can check and fyx
Each ynternal spryng:
Wynd yt too tyght,
The planet runs fast;
Not tyght enough
The wynd won't last.
I once got yt wrong
Yn my apprentyce stage;
Wyped out the dynosaurs
And caused an yce age.
You can ymagyne all the rybbing
At the staff centennyal dynner
Apprentyce of the moment?
Never was the wynner.
I have my own staff now.
The systems works just fyne.
Guess yt should last ryght
ĎTyl the very end of tyme.

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Curryculum Vytae