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Ghost Story IV

There's a meeting up on t' Top Moor Top          
Led by the ex Spectre's Head mine host;
There's a Preacher, a Rabbi and an Imam
And they're out to catch a ghost.
They've got a cart load of gear,
Nearly more than they can handle
Garlic, sharpened stakes, a crucifix,
As well as bell, book and candle.
Ever since his pub burned down
Taking most of his possessions
Revenge on poor Mad Meg has been
His one over riding obsession.
Hours and hours of seeing nothing
Is making him more bitter,
Especially as every now and then
They think they hear a titter;
When finally they've had enough
And as they wander out of sight
A spectrally pale thin figure
Does a jig there in the night.
Mad Meg of the Moors they call her
And she's always dressed in white
And she's looking for a bus stop
As she wanders through the night.

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Ghost Story IV