In My Mug

I'm gonna fix myself a drink
with booze, and powder that ignites my mind
The winds been changing once again,
striking a fear of death across the land
While a man sits strapped on a chair,
he just got himself his last free meal,
and all of his family, they all know
that death invades their blood once again
A shot of lightning fills my mug,
and shivers like ice thats gonna fall
spreads to say they wanna heel,
but first they have to find what is real
When God is stepped on once again,
and heads are bombed off for a God
The only game that no one wins,
only game where players seem to fall
Sally gets IVd by a nurse,
and Paul gets his a self prescribed,
while Bryce sings a not of self release,
Elliotte paints the basement with his blood

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