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Renewal Day

There's an electric crackling atmosphere over Old Moor Down
Lines of wagons, coaches and carts descending from the town
There's an expectant festive tone in the common daily chatter
Of the traders as they bar and sheet their stalls with a clatter,
Gathered in a circle, and in the centre a cleared place
Where the riders and mounts will gather for the race.
The crowds are getting restive, waiting for first sight
Of the contestants as they swoop in at first full light.
A growing sense of awe mixed with not a little fear
As the starting time draws more inexorably near;
There's a beating in the air and then a banshee wail
And the first mount appears with a might swish of tail.
Twenty mighty Fighting Dragons bickering as they land
Each barely held to restraint by their rider's known hand.
Armoured scales glitter, great muscles flex
Readying for their show that comes next.
Their Majesty's great war weapons there on display,
A statement of power on this great festival day.
The banter and chatter starts to fall until at last
An expectant hush awaits their massed fly past
Then with a mighty beat of wings they are up and away
Racing with the sun across the across Old Moor Stray
The result doesn't matter, just the awesome pass in review
As their Majesties affirm and confirm their powers anew
And the common folk respect and understand
The benefits of living in a mighty peaceful land.

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Renewal Day