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Two Backed Beast

She'd moaned and she'd sighed
And really really tried
To make each moment last
Until her turn was surely past
Now she leaned back in the car, her face a blur in the dark
Listening to the wind playing the trees all around that park
Body moving mechanically, mind detached and at peace
Waiting for the quickened breath that would show release
Felt his quickening movements there between her thighs
The hands that clasped her breasts relax with the sighs
After the gasping cry that showed he was truly spent
And she cuddled him briefly as his passion slowly went
Half an hour later each had returned to their real life
He back as a loving husband and she a faithful wife
Both of them knowing that same time the next week
They'd play at that same little game of hide and seek
Meeting in the bar as though quite by chance
Passing and catching the surreptitious glance
Both of them secure in their mutual trust
That allowed them to share their eager lust
Knowing should they chance to meet
Out there in the daylight public street
They can pass each other by
Without need of averted eye
Each of them maybe thinking that very soon at least
They'd enjoy playing their game of two backed beast

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Two Backed Beast