A Synthetic Soul

This Moment

Straying the same,
fast fading away.
Faking the dreams,
dreaming of memories.
Lieing awake,
dreaming of sleep.
Reminding of pain,
not feeling a thing.
Not lasting, as the time passes by .
Sleeping awake, thinking of another life.
Keeping in mind,
escaping my thoughts that I never think.
Forgetting before I can pretend to remember.
Missing to remind,
not dreaming another night.
Believing goodbyes are before and after.
Seeing Beside, Before, Behind, Believing.
I think my thoughts are blinking like my vision.
Forgetting it all in small little pieces.
Not really seeing what I believe in.
Slightly dreaming it all, remembering to breathe in.
While these thoughts leave me no memory or feeling.
Fading with light,
erasing the blind faces
wasting away again.
Faking to breathe a stolen breath of reason.
Hating the taste of this illuion.
Finding I'm missing a life to give.
Somethings can fade so fast.
Forgot my thoughts just the yesterday passed.
Like the whisper of a thought, living only for the moment it takes.
I live only in this moment I take.

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