Like a man

Never knew the man like that,
taking life's , sentenced fors,
never knew, that man like that
Feeling as potent, as pictured is now,
reaching his hand,
covering Suns, shine now
Cant figure how I remembered when,
Killers take time to mold their kin
Lovers, stayed strapped with holes in their hearts,
drainage drilled, coming to,
Feeding their brains
looking past, and never till
he'd strike again
I never knew, that crazy man that way,
customized, of past told lies,
uncivilized, on morphine rides,
with cries that scream,
alone again, the only man,
who felt that way,
discounting, numbers dropping
falling with grace,
cracking floors landing
Silverware misplaced,
looks to the sky,
passion in his eyes,
felt a back lash,
but didn't know why
an everspent woman,
knows how to shop,
and make her picture clear
herself come out
and thats when I knew,
I knew who he was
the man, they killed,
saving me, instead

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