Dear Mother

  This is a poem that was written by my grandson to his mother.
He is an 18 year old that has just graduated from the Marine Military Academy High School in Harligen Texas.
This was an assignment he had to do for a credit.
His name is Donald Walton.
I think he did an excellent job

I look over my shoulder to see no one there
Sometimes it seems I'm alone on the earth
I'm living every day in constant fear
My own father even left me at birth

It seems like every day I have been cursed
Like death himself is scared to come for me
And just when it seems bad, it gets worse

Then I see your smile brighten my dark path
Thats when I see the love you have to share
You were there through all the things that passed
And you warmed me with your sweet tender care

Dear mother, you see me through all my shame
And with your love you take away my pain

Donald walton

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Dear Mother

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