She, pops out the toaster,
my nose picks up on that
Shows herself, on doormats lost
my heart can beat to that
Filling the house,
with her loving scent,
making believers out of alley cats
Yelling from a corner,
when you thought her voice was killed
Keeping things distant,
as she peers over the hills
Theres something to offer,
to you when she smiles,
working, like clock work
To feel so desired,
But Hannah's playing Robyn,
trees watch, on the trails
coming to the tracks,
that have raped her past,
keeping her shield as gear
While conflicts among losers,
are lost a little more,
when they put to grasp,
what they're pouting for
Oozing in the middle,
exterior all fine,
presenting an alley,
if the cop shows line,
smuggling her pills,
so that Johnny can see,
took a little extra
and went down on me
so you don't like me,
don't like my looks,
piled on pillows,
just to steal a crook,
While I smile so keenly,
all upside down,
you quiver so deeply,
cause I dug you down
Your the feeling I see,
when I go to bed,
the dart board I play,
when I kill my head
With nothing I say,
you want me back
they spell out what they say,
to get you back,
stars align pierced down,
digging a dirt pile,
to put you down

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