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Thoughts From A Lonely Soul

How can someone have so much love inside to give,
but be so alone.  
The blessing and the curse lives here,
inside me.  
The balance that will keep me
longing for my love,
yearning to own this love,
to taste it's richness;
to bask in the warmth that is affection;
to share a light within one's eyes;
to feel a flame burn inside my heart
and dance around the very presence of my love,
whose heart shall never bear
the burden of loneliness;
to be alive inside,
with laughter filling my lips
and happiness in my eyes.
All I have to give is never
what I'm able to receive,
no love, no affection, no warmth, no kiss,
no one to stand by my side
and hold my hand when the dark rain storms come in,
and so often they do;
I'm stuck, knee deep in the swamp
that was once a world full of
hope, love, faith, and honesty.  
Gone are the days of innocence and purity,
they were swept away by this new trend of
liars, cheaters, and thieves.  
I am the owner of a gullible heart,
and foolish love-sick head;
whom abandons all reason
just for the sake of love!

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