Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


You were my password,
You opened up a whole ‘nother world
When I entered you in.

But I can't keep living in the then.
I need to be present in the now.

I try and try to get myself to understand,
To detach myself from your form of self abuse,
But I think I fail each time,
Saying that I'm through with you,
And then continuing to keep you in thought
For many days more.

I always think I mean it but I'm kidding myself.

The truth is, you had quite an impact on me.
You made me see the downside of beauty and
Helped me see the upside of whatever is homely.

I was teased, you were teased, the sun came up.
And that was that.

But you were the key I needed
To progress to the next level and
Without you, how would I have conquered
That one world that I got stuck in so frequently?

Would I ever have learned that there was
Better things out there for me if you hadn't
Taught me a little something about resilience.

I learned from afar with soundless eyes,
I kept my receptivity at close range,
And I really think you and I were cheated out of a couple things.

I, of the chance to not be burdened with emotion for you.

You, the opportunity to get to know someone such as I.

June 9, 2005

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