There's an ointment
Called disappointment
That lingers in my soul
The brake that halts love's role

Of giving all I can
To just one man
When they refuse to give it back to me
So into themselves they don't quite see

The pain they leave me in
That I can't be their friend
When I would rather be a sex Queen
To keep them satisfied and ease the mean

They forever disappoint me
When I want them to anoint me
With a better kind of lineament
So I know my passion's well spent

Not wasted away without the release
That tingles in me 'till I make it cease
With a different brand of healing lotion
Bursting out of them 'cause of my devotion

To caring for my need
Then I won't beg and plead
For someone to command that I be theirs and right
Takes my disappointments as he sleeps with me at night.

6/12/2005 1445 cj

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