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dear dad

Dear Dad,
           Hi! How are you? How have you been?
I miss you dad, I wish I could see you again.
                    You left in such a hurry, never said good-bye,
You took nothing with you, and didn't say why.
It's been hard since you left, I struggle everyday,
This pain is so haunting, it never goes away.
It's hard to grasp, what I don't want to believe,
How could he just take you? How could you just leave?
It was hard to tell them, your granddaughters eight & four,
How grandpa was gone, and we couldn't see him anymore.
I tell them you're in heaven, they know it's a better place,
I said God needed another angel, but he wanted one with grandpas face.
They cry for you dad, almost everyday,
Yet they still understand, this is the only way.
I wish I could understand why the good die young,
When I know you weren't ready, you've just barely begun.
I thought you'd always be here, but I guess I was wrong,
But life goes on and I have to be strong.
So I'll stand up and take it, I can face this alone,
But I'll take with me your wisdom, and make it my own.
Time is only passing , until we meet again,
So now I'll pass the time, before it comes to an end.
But I can't say good-bye, because I know you're still here,
Watching from above, while your spirit lives near.
I'll always cherish the memories, I'll treasure the time we had,
I am thankful that I had you, You were an awesome DAD!
Now I conclude this letter with a kiss, a hug and good-bye,
And I'll think of you every time, I take a look upon the starlit sky.

Rest in peace.

Your daughter,

P.S. We sent you some gifts the day you went away,
Just a few colored balloons, I hope they made it your way.

In memory of Nereo Mancha Jr.
June 7, 1955 - October 4, 2004

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