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  How Are You Feeling Today By Bob W Raisbeck

How are you feeling today !!
With Terrorism in the air
How are you feeling today
With Bombs going of everywhere
Life sure has changed for us you see
It is no longer - simplicity
Remember the days we walked down the street
Unafraid if we heard the patter of feet
We use to picnic in the park
We once were not afraid of the Dark
Once we got on Airplanes for fun
Now we dread the time of our Airport run
Yes life has changed for all my friend
And I ask the question where will it all end
Remember the days we all had a buck
We did not have to budget or trust our luck
So with all this What do you say
When I once again ask  you  , HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY!
Bob WIlliam Raisbeck 2005 Bob W Raisbeck

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