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Walking in Austria,  1962 day 1

I saw Innsbruck approaching through a haze of heat
Six thirty in the morning sinking that day's first beer
Nursing a growling hangover after a sleepless night
Wondering how on earth did we all get  here
When Glasby suggested we take a local leave
And go and see some continental sights
We'd had just enough schnapps and beer
To make his plan seem pretty much alright
We didn't have passports
Just army ID cards
So we'd hidden in the bogs
From the border guards
As they checked the train
And now we were nearly there
Seeing that town through
A now crystal clear air
We cleared that town fast
Not much of a joke
They price we paid
For a glass of Coke
On the open road with an army tent
Borrowed from the stores just wishing
They didn't check
And find it missing
We didn't have much money
So for a starter
We borrowed large tins of coffee
With which to barter
Jock Gray wasn't coming
But said he didn't give a toss
And he could cover up
The quartermasters loss
Open road, sunny days
Packs on back
For cheapness walking
Off the beaten track
Austria this is one of your lucky days
Wally, Glasby and me are under way


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