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 VANISHED (Free Style)


(Free Style)

A long time ago,in an early and very warm day of summer,
In the newspapers, they said that a girl have dissapeared.
The last time they saw her,she was walking alone in the woods.
A mandatory search party was issued for her the very same day

The hours passed,and they couldn't find her anywhere.
After twelve hours the stress was so hard to bear and so tense.
Some people prayed, some cried and some felt so helpless,
Everybody was so worried and for them nothing made any sense

The girl now was gone,for more than twenty-four hours,
And the prospects of finding her alive grew indeed very slim.
Stories continued to pour, some were very evil to even consider,
To think about,some were silly, and some, so unbeliveable and grim

Some say that the girl was killed by a cult,right there in the woods,
And that her corpse had been disposed of,and buried somewhere else.
Other people say that she was kidnapped by some aliens creatures,
The ones that had been sighted in the area for so many generations

Days passed and weeks turned into years and decades too
Since that very early and warm morning one day in the South,
When a very young girl disappeared from the woods
Not to be seen again, since that day to this very date

And in the small town where she lived, they still remembered her,
Some of the locals are now long gone,some live in that same space.
But deep in those  backwoods,if you dare! or happen to hike there,
You can see her spectral figure, haunting that forsaken place.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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