A 16 hour thought

Stars shot my mind,
maybe I can feel it now
smoked out, drugged out, stay high
I don't wanna see it now
Same tune, different place, another stay
Seemed ashamed to say it now,
Another look, can finish my book,
forgotten how, to tell you how
Where you've gone, getting on
Down some drunken lane
Staying awake, a yao game,
seems to keep you raged
Your changing eyes,
my tear less cries
vacuumed up  inside the rain,
Those shades you wore,
to hide your cards,
knowing that I'm a gambling man
And now your stirred,and I'm just Ice,
melting in a Summers day
I had you with a look,
you had me at contact,
but thats just too insane,
So stay on home,
build yourself a dream,
and call it a memory lane,
Your Sun rose hair,
breathing in my fresh air,
can kill me once again

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