Friendly Lights

             Friendly Lights

With you're body close beside me as you sleep in the dark of night
My mind it touches your silhouette from the friendly neon light,
You're peaceful now and lovely, beside your body I dream
You're a woman tonight as always, you're the best I've ever seen
My mind caresses your lovely body, with my fantasies alive tonight
You're with me and I love you, you are my perfect sight
Can I touch you when you're sleeping with my thoughts that I can't control?
My mind has made me want you with all my heart and soul
You are my perfect woman; I need your loving touch
I cannot live without you; I need you oh so much
Let the neon lights be friendly as you sleep so close to me
You've taken my mind to a beautiful place where you and me should be
In the morning light with the neon gone, our minds will be the same
We'll become one again with no distance between us, we'll play the loving game

                                           " Friendly Lights "

        Gerrard McGeachy                                            

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