Dr. Weeks
My smiles he seeks
Just like a good dad
In life he has made me so glad

Because in 1984
He opened my door
Told me to become a nurse
And I rehearsed and rehearsed

Until I had that nursing license
A license to touch
Now my smile touches Dr. Weeks
I love him so much

He knows I love him
It brings him joy
It lets him feel
Like a young boy

And at Roundup
On his horse
A Roundup director
That gave me a smile and wave at the parade of course

On Doctors' Day he got a card
To thank him for working so hard
To thank him for all he does
To let him know he's my favorite doctor because---

He helped change my life
By being a kind and intelligent man
He give me less strife
By holding this working class hand

And he is so handsome
With his balding gray hair
With his glasses and smile
I know that he cares

He cares for so many
His love is so plenty
He cares for the rich and poor
He gives---and God couldn't ask him for more

Although, I don't know him personally
He always acknowledges me
With a smile and a wave
And the memory of him my heart will always save

Save for quiet moments like now
When I can reflect and pray
When I can be thankful for him
For telling me to become a nurse that long ago day
That, somehow, doesn't seem so far away.

9/26/1994 cj

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