Another F--ked Up Dream

Shine me down,
strap it on,
your needles inject my arm
Feeding me narcs and keeping me high
Ive seen your body before,
some kind of f--ked up dream
Your hair was so reflecting,
blocking your face so I couldn't see
And I tried to peer around it,
I tried to catch your eye
tried to give you a glimpse
If our futures would align
Your just a memoir,
thats yet to be titled
another pretty face, that lasts for days
only to wilt on down, and look the same
I'm a lover of love
and a fighter of war,
I scribe peace to my fellow man
and cry blood when I find out what its for
And looking in my Chrystal,
to your upcoming years indeed
Ive noticed a continued pattern
Not cloudless, not clear less, but empty
While catching the Suns tuck
drinking beer on my porch,
as my dog stairs me down
saying its so peaceful here,
and I don't wanna leave
I rock on down forever,
never remembering my dreams
Lonely lady of the Sea region
your just to far to reach
Ive sent you letters for days,
but they always come back erased
Scratching out boards,
so your fingers can speak,
canceling out images
your erasers wipe clean,
I know what is,
Ive seen all seven seas
All I know for futures sake
Is that your meant to be with me

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