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We are rooted in Islam. Our body politic is Shariah.
Our ethical, socio-economic and political philosophy
Form the branches that spread and envelope every
Aspect of our being. Like leaves we evolve from and
Cling to the branches of Din Allah. Civil servants to
The only true Rule of Law (Shariah). Adherents to a
Heavenly dictate wherein there are found no flaws.
We believe not in words that are hollow, nor will we
Follow … your hypocritical Jeffersonian modal.
We have our own beliefs and institutions. Not through
The barrel of an oppressors gun does freedom, liberty
And justice come. Freedom of speech, religion and
Mind to choose Shariah is indeed a gift given by
The Divine. Not to resist despotic capitalism without
Doubt is a crime. Muslims are agents of peace in the North,
South, West and East. However, in defense of what is
Right we become dedicated to the fight. We will past the
Test when engaging the enemies of the weak and oppressed.
Not bounded by ethnicity, geography or party affiliation,
We will defend ourselves when attacked by any nation.
Unlike the rest we are clearly aware that this life is
Temporary and merely a test. Ever aware that freedom does
Not come through the barrel of a gun we will not run when
You attack our wives, daughters and sons. The Tyrants
Hearts are veiled and covered. The Truth … will they ever
Discover? They are like a rootless, hollow and leafless tree.
What is in their center (Soul)? Have they lost their minds
And souls … over that Bubbling Crude Black Gold?

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2005 H Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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