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Wedding song ...gone wrong

Wedding songs
All the frostings gone
Left Memories of
That Love gone wrong~
Brings hearts back to
search for life
Or Just to touch
That old Sweet Light

although its gone
Memories so long and full
All strife
Still seeks, but wrongs the rights
still deeper yet
with no intent
Thats made of it
A wedding song
~gone wrong
thats lost its sentiment
and what a waste of time
now knowing
and say
Time to find another
Let go of all
the rights
The wedding song
..for some of us
now are
getting over it
and freedom moves us on

We can say a prayer to God
forgive and heal our hearts
bring joy and heal our songs


written with thoughts of my high school and still now
great friend Jami in mind ...
and also
my old life and many many more close friends I know
This ones for you kid(Jami)
forget the ranger
forget the past
lets have a picnic
that lasts and lasts
Lets laugh and love and live again
with love in every pick-awe-nick
for every precious girl and boy...
let yogi go, we'll keep boo boo
and have a blast
with someone new
who then will be forever true
..then we'll say
"who knew?"
and thank God
for seeing us all through

lovingly written
by Leanne

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Wedding song ...gone wrong