Bob Ball
I miss his southern drawl
I miss him calling you Danny
He was friendly, not canny

A take charge kind of guy
When he was here he caught my eye
His white hair and attractive smile
Still have me thinking of him once in awhile

He took my gift for his wife
Even though I was scared
To bring it into his life
He showed me that he cared

He cared enough to visit with me
He cared enough to let my anxiety go free
He seems like such a good man
He seems like he does all he can

He showed me inside your house
I'd never been in there before
He made me relax
Then I wasn't afraid to go to your door

I can relate well with older men
Just like the males at my job
They treat me just like kin
I don't feel like I'm going to rob

Rob them of their privacy
Delve too far into their mind
They just smile and talk with me
They are attentive and kind

And Bob was kind to me
A gentleman who could relate
And he let my goodbye hug be
Meeting him was a kind and pleasant fate

I know someday we'll meet again
And by that time I hope you'll share
Share some talk or a hug with me, friend
Show me somehow that you care.

9/28/1994 cj

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