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time slip

there's a temporal aberration
happening in my head
or it could be I am dreaming
or maybe I am dead
there's a small purple t rex
who is wearing a bowler hat
while on his massive back legs
he's sporting yellow spats
he's dancing a foxtrot
summoning me with a wave
to join him in his frolic
but I just aren't that brave
there's an orchestra playing
composed of flying fish
under a banner stating that
we play anything you  wish
the dance floor is crowded
I've just seen an antelope
with a sign on his back
all ye abandon hope
I am swimming in confusion
next to a cephalopod
all in all this situation
is somewhat rather odd
but I think I'll just enjoy it
I may wake up by and by
or maybe this is just
a pleasant way to die

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time slip