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 I Marched With Heroes!

I Marched with Heroes

Once I was young and foolish
and thought my life would forever
shine in the sun.
I sang and danced to my own tune,
little did I know that jungle war
would be calling me soon.

Across the Pacific I flew to a land
of war and strife, with young men
I knew, who became friends for life.

Now, many years later as the horror
of that war still haunts our souls.
We will forever be brothers of that
jungle war until the bells toll.

There was Warren, Stan, and Olbert,
and other names forlorn.
They were men of honor, and men
of trust.
Here and now and forever more,
I am honored to say…
"I marched with Heroes!"

Jackie R. Kays

Dedicated to all the young men and women that
served in South East Asia during the Vietnam war.

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