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The Flame that  Burnt

I never known how it felt to have a shoulder to lean and cry on, or someone there in times of need  to depend on - because all my life baby I've been along, until you come into my world then true love was shown - but at a blink of an eye my baby - boo  was gone, I've started to cry - I'm weak and not strong. Oh how I prayed night and day to hold you deep within my arms - there you would stay our hairs turning gray, you would come to no harm - as we lay embrace face - to - face while keeping each other warm - our hearts will race to a much lovelier place that we both can call home, yet, we are so far apart it's hard to be strong as we lay within the dark reminiscing of the sparks and flame that use to burn.(The lonely path of a true prophet)

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The Flame that Burnt