Beautiful Disaster


There is a girl
Just a girl
She's not too pretty
She's definitely  not skinny                          
She isn't too popular
And she isn't a jock
Not gothic, or punk, or skater
Probably not good enough to be a nerd
She goes home at night
To her room
Where she cries of what she's not
And dreams of what she could be
She lives this life every single day
Just her

There is a guy
A pretty popular guy
He has all that anyone could ever ask for
But he doesn't want that
When he goes home at night
To his room and he sees the trophies
All the messages from all the girls
He could have the world if he asked
But when he sits down and looks at himself
He can't help but feel

One day
The girl is sitting
Just watching
And the guy comes up
And sits next to her
They don't speak
Or even look at each other
Just sit
And when everyone has left and gone home
They remain sitting
The boy
The girl

The girl goes home
And looks in the mirror
She really isn't pretty
And is quite obese
She begins to cry
But stops
No she could never be popular
Or a jock at that
Not gothic, punk, or skater
Not even a nerd
But she can her
Just a girl
She won't change for the world
And she doesn't expect it to change for her
But somewhere down the road
She will be excepted
Not because she beautiful
Or smart
Or cool
But because she is who is
And that's all she can do

The boy goes home
lies on his bed(football in hand)
He could so many places
He could be a big star
But he would only be hiding behind the walls he's built up
No one really knows him
They know him as the popular guy
Or the football star
Or the guy that every girl likes
No one really cares who he truly is
He wants to be free
But he doesn't want to disappoint
But if these walls get any higher he will be trapped in them forever
So that very night while lying in bed(With football in hand)
He broke down those walls every last one
He decided to turn in his uniform and decline the football scholarship
He deleted every message from every girl
And decided to wear the sweater his Mom got him for his birthday
He isn't going to hide anymore.

The girl sits
The boy comes
He sits
And they sit
Just sitting
Finally the boy turns to the girl
She looks him in the eyes
She thinks
Here is the most popular guy around why is he here
Does he enjoy my misery
Is he mocking me
He thinks
Why have I never seen this girl before
This beautiful wonderful creature
A tear rolled down her cheek
She felt it and let it roll
He looked at her with the truest bluest eyes
He wiped the tear off her face
She backed up
Not knowing where this was going
She stood up to leave
He grabbed her arm
She looked at him with a sad face
As if too say go back to being the star
Everyone likes you that way
But he wouldn't let her go
He pulled her close
Very close
And hugged her
She hugged back
He whispered in her ear
"I have been alone too long"
And she whisper
"And I have been here, waiting"

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