Beautiful Disaster

New Start., Change of Heart

This pain is too much to bare
No one will care
If one life is lost
To pay the cost
The end of a life
What a sacrifice
To pay off the debt
Of the pain I have let
Build up to form such a wall
Its time for it to fall
The only way to destroy this wall
Is to give the undertaker a call
But I am scared
Oh if only one person cared
Maybe this life could be saved
And a way could be paved
A new start
Change of heart

What's that you say
There is a way
A person who cares
And is always there
Someone to turn to
And help me get through
The pain I feel
To show love that is real
Who can knock down my wall
No matter how tall
He saved my life
With the ultimate sacrifice
He gave is son
His only one
So I could live
What a gift to give
To end this life
Would be disregarding the sacrifice
A life ended to set free
All the pain inside of me
Its time for a new start
Change of heart

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