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The Golden Tear

To feel: the greatest gift we were given; the reminder we exist as part of a divine legacy.

Sitting stone-faced in the glow of the PC screen;
Cellphone pressed to ear in a familiar self-important pose;
Dreams of growth in high-tech stock;
Years of networking off the clock

Commuting location to location at breakneck speed;
Coffee skillfully slurped over perfect teeth;
Self-improvement tapes wearing noticeably thin;
This is the pace we set to succeed

How high can we climb the ladder of dreams?
How far can we fly in pursuit of goals?
Where does this take us?
Will we ever know?
When will we get there?
How fast can we go?

The promise of prosperity
Requires uncluttered clarity;
A cubicle needs some clear-cut order
In order to see vaguely
What purpose for our propensity
To trade life for life after

The deceit of wealth and riches
Though hard for one to grasp,
It falls through our fingers
As we reach for the ring of brass;
A ladder has it's braces,
It's gaps of gaping spaces;
Offensive to the thinker,
While those above must tinker
With the rules that guide us;
Unwritten laws to follow
And why we often hide trust

A maverick sees the structure;
A glowing light uncovers
The lies;
The words not of the wise;
Electric phases,
Titillating phrases,
Of Heaven on sale,
The Holy Grail,
The Lord's gift
Wrapped in golden foil,
With bows of lace and ribbon,
The gift of life on layaway
For someone else to claim

In all the leaves that fall,
And all the falls before us,
Can anyone remember
Who didn't love to wander
Through a sycamore forest?
Hand in hand with nature,
Thinking of the souls that came here;
The ones that lived and loved before us,
Now singing in the angel's chorus

The treasures of a life mundane,
Seldom worth the time and pain;
If in the end as games are played,
The joy of playing outweighs the losses,
Winners we are over bosses;
The passion for a life of fashion:
Stealing glances,
Stealing chances;
Never knowing what it costs us

Think before your time runs out;
Before the time to think about
The purpose for a life and dreams
To climb the heights, to forge the streams;
Are you living in a dream,
Or just surviving as it seems?

To live another day
After traveling all this way;
Has it occurred that those on top
Haven't stopped to look about;
Or aren't about to look profound
And see the beauty all around;
For if they spend a lick of time
Pondering death while sipping wine,
They might decide to change the way
They dictate orders, give the pay

Must we climb before we see
The majesty in a redwood tree;
Or the wealth of treasures in a life,
The simple pleasures with a wife,
The magnificence of the sycamore tree,
The riches given to the free?

We seldom choose the path we take;
To make a change we hesitate;
A life we love, a job we hate;
A chance to grow or vacillate;
In God We Trust reluctantly;
We chase our wants incessantly;
We save some cash, but never life;
When its gone its lost

For the image of integrity
The rich create prosperity;
By design to feel superior
The rich create the poor

The sun and moon, the galaxy,
Simply there for us to see;
Birds and bees eternally free,
As we can see the Joshua tree;
The bill for this, this majesty,
This sapphire rock of diversity,
This paradoxical opportunity,
Is lost when we are gone

Eternal life comes certainly
To those who pay the price;
For others who smother
The breath of life
From every one they hire,
They owe a bill they never pay,
A never ending cost

For all the souls who sell their life,
For all the gluttony,
For all the choices never chosen,
All the gold is lost

In the end we never send
To earth a royalty,
For all the songs we play and sing
For all eternity;
But if you like to hear the wind
A whistling through a tree,
Just ask yourself what song to sing;
And please remember me

~~carefulcarpenter (CC)

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The Golden Tear

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