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The Women in Security

We are the "Women in Security"
 you'll see us everywhere
 trained, skilled, professionals
 we do our job with care.
 We leave at home our families
 often gone, before they rise
 to secure our patrols
 from the ground, to the friendly skies.
 Our backgrounds, are varied
 we come from far and near
 we arrive "fit for duty"
 ready to don our gear.
 Clad in our uniforms
 12 hours of the day
 side by side, with male officers
 equal hours, equal pay.
 Our days are long and tedious
 we stand, we walk, we run
 we do it all
 till we're relieved, by someone.
 So, when you see us
 and it sparks your curiosity
 we're trained, skilled professionals
 The "Women in Security".
 Orlyn Tatum-Wormley

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The Women in Security