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Don't look around and scream and cry
       Every time you fall
Get up, move on, try again
       This could be the best of all
Don't let regrets or self pity overtake
       The best is yet to come
Look around at some famous people
       At the top of what they've done
They maybe famous but they fell down
       But they all got up again
They tried and tried and tried again
       Working through the pain
The strength of God never runs out
       Don't let the world pull you down
Reach out and take God's hand
       He will help you every time
Others around you may not understand
       Listen to God and you'll be fine
It doesn't matter how many times you fall
       His hand will always be there
Make Him the most important of all
       All your life He wants to share
It's not the falling down that matters
       It's the getting up again
Know for sure that He will pick you up
       Each and every time that you fall
If you are willing to reach out and stand up
       And with your voice shout out and call
He will answer your every muttered prayer
       Because for you He will always be there
       Because for you He will always be there

  I wrote this one day when I was feeling very depressed, to try and encourage myself instead of feeling sorry for myself and getting more depressed. I wanted to try and lift myself up a little bit.

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