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Time Wasted, Time Passing Me By...

So much time has passed me by!
Lot's of time wasted looking for a better life!
Always hoping, always praying, that maybe
some good would come my way!
Day after day I still wait and pray that today
will bring a much brighter and better day!
But still with each passing day, I waste my time
hoping and wishing that today will be the day!
Today would be the day I would finally find all the happiness,
joy, peace and love that I've been hoping and praying for.
But like each and everyday, it's just all the same, just more
time wasted, so much time just keep passing me by!
I need to Stop!  Stop feeling this way!
Yet, it's so hard for depression has a hold on me!
I don't get it, I just don't understand ~ how could I have
let myself slip this way?  Wasted time, so much precious
time I've let just slip away!  What was I thinking?
How could I have let this happen to me?
How could I have let so much time pass me by?
So much precious time I've wasted looking for a better life!
Always hoping, always praying that maybe someday
some good would finally come my way!  Day after day
I allowed depression to get more of a control over me!
Letting what other's think and say about me, just makes
me slip deeper and deeper into my depression that has a
very strong hold over me!  Enough with all this self pity trip!
It's time for me to get a hold of things!  Time for me to move
on with my life, leaving all my past mistakes far behind of me!
Time has come to stop letting other's try to control me!
To control me with all the lies they have to say about me!
Time has come, the time is now!  No more time wasted!
No more time to pass me by!  Time for me to get
a hold of all of this!  Time has come that I finally
take full control of myself and my child!  So yes, that
means even taking full control over my life once again!
No more wasting time listening to what everyone else has to say!
No more letting time pass me by, hiding at home afraid
of all the rumors, lies and deceit that has been done to me!
No longer am I afraid to face the world again!
Time has come to move on with my life all over again!
Leaving the past behind, I shall no longer waste or let any
more precious time pass me by!  Time has come for me to carry on!
Moving on with life, enjoying the happiness and love that I
once found only in my child's warm smile and tender embrace!
So no more time wasted and no more time to just pass me by!
Time to live life to it's fullest and to it's fullest I will
live each and everyday that Our Lord will bless me with!
Donette Alys Meli Souza
January 26, 2005  

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