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  Robert James

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 Ode to the Lotus' Power  (Scent of a Woman)

From the beginning of time the affect women had on men is obvious. Starting with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, also Samson and Delilah, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra, and Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." The symbolism in this poem is reminisce to women affect on men and the powerful scent of a  flower.

What mean this,
 O alluring flower;
  May I sniff...
 thy sweet power?
Let me taste
 the in-toxic wine,
Sip the juices...
of thy sweet vine,
That makes glorious
  the Gothic lake,
In thy presence...
  Forever shakes
   in the ice
That freezes the soul
  and makes thy beauty
       forever bold

copyrights 2005
Robert Anthony James

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