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Secrets and Lies

Harold Peters led a very secret life
Totally hidden from his own dear wife
He didn't work selling quality pork pies
Just another of his devilish devious lies
To conceal the fact when he wasn't there
He worked in a circus as a dancing bear
He looked so genuine in his bear suit
All the punters thought him so cute
As he waltzed and stepped with skill and ease
That his performing bear never failed to please
And at the right time he would bark and growl
Causing some of the delicate to blub and howl
And show real true fear
Cos the bear was so near
Just an added piece of thrill
And fine tribute to Harold's skill
He only got the job as a favour from a mate
When the pork pie factory finally shut its gate
And he needed money to make ends meet
But thanks to his skill and twinkling feet
Elmer the Educated Bear of Dance and Fame
Fast became a world known famous name
And Harold earned enough for a faster car
And smoke best thigh rolled Cuban cigars
But very best of all his own sweet wife
Enjoyed more of the better things of life
Inside his suit Harold smiled with glee
As he took his bow on one bended knee
Ah the pleasure and the joys
Giving fun to girls and boys
One last twirl and Harold's away
Another dollar and another day
Tonight he though he really must try
To remember for his wife a small pork pie
She must never find out when Harold wasn‘t there
He was the World Freestyle Dancing Champion bear
And worst of all, she would think him so rude
Cos inside his suit he was in dressed in the nude

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