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Dial Tone

All I hear is
The dial tone,
And my fear is that
I lost you again.

Cables crossed,
Wires crossed,
Alone again?
At such a cost,
Why start to care?

I've been controlled
So long
And now,
Not a memory worth saving.

I already threw
Most of your tattered
Sentiments out the door.

But there were some
Worth crying over.

Maybe you were
Partially worth it;
Partially worth crying over.

I already went and
Destroyed our expectations.
Too bad we
Never even “met.”

I'm sure our thoughts on
One another
Would have been deeper.

I would have grown fonder
Of the
In your eyes,

And how I liked that.

Loved how I couldn't
Read you the way I
Can read most people.

I enjoyed that mystery.
We could have enjoyed
Many things as a

Had we known.

You left me with the dial tone.

July 11, 2005

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Dial Tone

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