I wake up alone
It's quiet to me
Wishing you'd phone
But you're sleeping peacefully

And my indecision you can't take
You expect me to stay here
And never forsake
Your love that's not clear

Because you won't say the word
And I can't read you mind
The 'I love yous' not heard
So you'll never find

The gold in my soul
The touch of my skin
Is my heart too old
To ever have men

That are mad about me
Who can take the emotions
Who don't care if they're free
As long as my devotions

Are all about them
Not about a dream
Their love is too dim
As our inside must scream

Come on over here
Stay right by my side
Make me your wife dear
Because on you I must ride

Away in the night
You're here in the day
Make our love so right
To play, pray and stay

With only one
All thoughts just for you
Through sadness and fun
Will you ever come through?

7/21/2005 1038 cj

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