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*new*  That You Are, What You Are

I feel like my cries where locked in a bottle
And thrown in the very sea.
But instead of staring out in deep irresolution,
I decided to examine at all the things
That are still yet the same
In this cold place.
I walked away from the pier,
And by foot toward the oasis of
Bloodless daisies -
Their spirits, now departed and washed away.
Unsurprisingly they enmesh with the very flowers
Amongst their time of greatest prosperity and productivity.
I feel I'm betwixt with my decisions,
Yet don't even know my choices.
I know what I love.
But I'm reminded that I don't know what's best.
I feel I've chosen long ago,
But might have to change before it's concluded.
And begin a painful revision.
I need you to prove even more
That you are, what you are.

~DaYnA e. 7/25/05

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*new* That You Are, What You Are