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Side Effects of the Perfect Drug

*Just a little reminder before you read this. If you haven't read my poem entitled Perfect Drug, then don't read this, because this is like a part two to that. Plus I would like to thank SoulCraver for nudging the inspiration out of me and onto the paper*

Too too much.
Clogged arteries,
Fastly beating heart,
Death gliding through my veins,
And the paranoia
That someone would find out.

Oh please let this habit remain secretive,
Let it remain none of their business.

The constant rush has slowed,
Always, is as beautiful, as forever.

Then there are times when I wish
The anxiety would kill me.
I wish my thoughts and actions
And embarrassments would just
Stop my polluted heart.

I wanted to linger in
What little peace poetry has created
But the memory of the needle
Of your personality got to me.

After the overdose comes the rehab.

Too too much.
I feel like a heart attack.
Too many chants,
So much bad memories.

Forever changed. Ruined.

After rehab…
There was a period of silence and sleep.

After rehab…
There wasn't time for a rebuttal.

July 19, 2005

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Side Effects of the Perfect Drug

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