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You Make Me Who I Am

You Make Me Who I Am
(Only me truly me)

You make me laugh
You make me cry (with joy)
You make feel great
Never sad or disappointed.

You help me love
You make me sing
You help me see life
In the smallest of great things.

You know me well
You help me feel
You share yourself
In a way that's always amazingly real.

You make me melt
You make me better myself
Making me feel ten feet tall
To know I can do and will always be the best.

You make me want to be a better man
You make me want to live life brand new
You make me feel special
So that I can share my all with you.

You are one in many
Yet none can compare to you
You have that way to always keep things simple and refreshed
Like nothing ever experienced.

How much more can I express my love
But yet in small ways and great
You see they are the same in both
That even I can remain speechless about.

Date written: January 29th, 2003
Written by: Paul Tyree