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They say times change and people do too
When you really think about it I guess that's true
But I believe there are basic traits in all things that remain
The foundation on which they are built stay the same
No matter how many seasons the sky goes through
Gray clouds may gather but the sky is still blue
A rose called by any other name is still a rose
Even when you can't see the trees, the wind still blows
As we try to get all we can, just to can all we get
We pile so much on our plates that it can't even fit
Does time really change, or does it just get lost
Are the materials we gain really worth the cost
Will they kiss us goodnite, or hold us while we sleep
Bring comfort to our broken hearts: hear us as we weep
Man can achieve almost anything his mind can think of
But try as he may, he can not succeed without love
It is the basic ingredient to every race, color, or creed
Every man, woman, boy, and girl has that basic need
Without it we can't flourish, without it we can't grow
It is the only thing we can take to a place nothing else can go
Love is how we got here, and it is how we still survive
Without love you may be living, but you're not really alive
Even without credit cards, big houses, and fine cars
You can still cuddle closely and gaze up at the stars
You can still feel rich as you hold your lovers hand
Knowing basically in the beginning it was just woman and man
Their love for each other is why we are here today
So go back to the basics if you should ever lose your way
Because no matter where you go, or what you do
It is love that gave you your start, and love will see you through

 Jackie Moore
 (c) 05/27/05

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