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Silver Tears

I know you can see them flowing,
And the scaring you feel,
The wounds beneath the skin,
That will never ever heal.
Cutting through me like a knife,
No trace of pain behind,
But through the tunnels of my pupils,
It is there that you will find....

Burning rage of anger,
Screams high enough to pierce,
A loneliness unprovoked,
Inside i am fierce.

Reflecting the rivers of blood,
As red as the devil's eyes,
Ongoing like a broken tap,
A persistent flow of cries,
Refusing the tissue of help,
Yet anxious to reach the drain,
Increase the pain!

Close my eyes, prevent the golden tears falling,
Cannot give my weakness fame,
I shall not show my empty hand,
I shall not speak my name.
The pipework is indestructible,
Feeding from my fears,
To sterilize what i forever produce..
My secret silver tears.

Tara Bennett

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